Business Valuation

What is your business worth

Knowing what your business is worth is part of being ready to sell.  Business valuation reports can be prepared for many different purposes.  

You may simply need a good idea of the range of probable value if you are early in your planning stages.  It is important that even an informal range of value be realistic, well founded, and supportable.  As Business Brokers + Value Advisors we are a good source for this information.

As you approach a sale you will want a more fully researched valuation.  In many cases, an Opinion of Value, or “Informational Report” is ideal for establishing and justifying the Asking Price for your business.  This type of report can be prepared by a business broker or a valuation firm.

For situations that may be subject to scrutiny, such as divorce or other legal actions, or  federal or state income taxes, you should have A “Certified Report” prepared by a certified business appraiser.

BizReady, Inc. has partnered with BizWorth to prepare comprehensive Opinions of Value and Certified Valuations in situations where a third party should be involved.   BizWorth has over 20 years’ experience providing valuations for purposes including Buy/Sell Agreements, Mergers and Acquisitions, and other situations.  A description of their products is below.  

BizReady can assist you with choosing the most appropriate type of valuation.  Contact us for guidance and more definitive pricing. Reports require  you to provide a business profile and financial information in a specified format. Pricing below is dependent on receipt of specified information.

Which Valuation Report is Right for You?

Informational Reports

Essentials Report  (for businesses with less than $2M in revenue)

Includes valuation summary based on market and asset approaches.  Market approach includes sales and SDE multiples.

This report is typically about $1,500.


Standard Report (for businesses with more than $2M in revenue or situations such as internal business planning and exit planning)

Includes valuation summary based on market and asset approaches, capitalization of cash flow method, multi-stage growth method, financial and industry benchmarking ratios.

This report is typically about $2,500.


Certified Reports

Certified reports include an executive summary and more in-depth written analysis of the nature and history of the company, industry and economy, financial analysis and conclusion of value. Pricing typically begins at $4,900.  Request a quote.