Specialization is imperative today

The amount of knowledge and information available has grown exponentially – to the point that a narrow focus is required to have depth of knowledge.

When we started out in business brokerage, there was no expectation that we be experts in the industries of the businesses we sold. The sellers were the experts. Our expertise was in the sweet science of negotiating, selling, getting the deal done and done well.

Even though that is still the case, factors like supply chain disruption, changing consumer purchasing patterns, inflation, the pandemic, labor shortages, advances in technology, and more affect each industry differently.

Clearly, as your broker, we will never have expertise in operation of your business, but we can have expertise in how deals are being made in your industry.

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Specialty Contractors

BizReady, Inc. focuses on Specialty Construction Contracting Businesses in California, particularly Class C and D licenses and remediation contractors.

Food Manufacturers

BizReady, Inc. focuses on CPG manufacturing and can support other types of small manufacturing companies.

Dental Practices

Dentists are getting younger. Solo-ownership of dental practices continues to decline. Is it time for you to transition ownership of your practice?

Property Management

Property management in California must be a complex as it gets anywhere. Rent control, eviction moratoriums, seemingly endless propositions and laws, environmental hazards, Covid-19, are on a long list of topics that require the expertise of a good property management company.