Facilitating Profitable Exits

Our mission is to facilitate profitable exits by empowering business owners with the information and preparation they need to make informed decisions about selling a business. With a dedication to maximizing value, we are your strategic partner, going beyond traditional brokerage services. Selling a business is a complex journey, and timing, preparation, and expert guidance are key to a smooth transition. BizReady is committed to understanding your unique business dynamics, goals, and aspirations. Our collaborative approach ensures a tailor-made strategy that aligns with your vision, setting the stage for a seamless and prosperous exit.

Strategic Sale Preparation

We specialize in meticulous sale preparation, addressing the critical factors that often lead to the failure of deals. Nationally, business brokers report that more than 50% of accepted offers fall through. At BizReady, we eliminate pitfalls through comprehensive assessments, strategic planning, and proactive measures, ensuring that your business is not just listed but primed for success.

Comprehensive Brokerage Services

Beyond preparation, our full-suite brokerage services encompass valuation expertise, benchmarking business performance, and in-depth market analysis. We bring a wealth of experience to the table, navigating the complexities of third-party sales with finesse. At BizReady, we believe that a successful business sale is not just about finding a buyer—it’s about orchestrating a profitable exit strategy. Your success is our commitment.

What is Your Business Worth?

Knowing what your business is worth is part of being ready to sell.  Business valuation reports can be prepared for many different purposes.  

You may simply need a good idea of the range of probable value if you are early in your planning stages.  It is important that even an informal range of value be realistic, well founded, and supportable.  As Business Brokers + Value Advisors we are a good source for this information.

As you approach a sale you will want a more fully researched valuation.  In many cases, an Opinion of Value, or “Informational Report” is ideal for establishing and justifying the Asking Price for your business.  This type of report can be prepared by a business broker or a valuation firm.

For situations that may be subject to scrutiny, such as divorce or other legal actions, or  federal or state income taxes, you should have A “Certified Report” prepared by a certified business appraiser.

BizReady, Inc. has partnered with BizWorth to prepare comprehensive Opinions of Value and Certified Valuations in situations where a third party should be involved.   BizWorth has over 20 years’ experience providing valuations for purposes including Buy/Sell Agreements, Mergers and Acquisitions, and other situations.  A description of their products is below.  

BizReady can assist you with choosing the most appropriate type of valuation.  Contact us for guidance and more definitive pricing. Reports require  you to provide a business profile and financial information in a specified format. Pricing below is dependent on receipt of specified information.