Food Manufacturers

BizReady, Inc. focuses on CPG manufacturing and can support other types of small manufacturing companies.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Manufacturing in California

CPG success embodies the core principles of Value Building more than any other industry. The strengths of insurgent brands are from the same playbook as achieving high scores on the eight value drivers – targeting core customer segments, being lean organizations able to test, learn and rapidly change course, and achieving very rapid sustained growth.

It is not an easy time to be a (CPG) manufacturer. Changing consumer preferences is always a big concern, but supply chain issues and labor costs are even bigger right now.

The need to expand supply sources runs headlong into the challenges of even slight reformulations on products. These kinds of pressures make it difficult to consistently deliver sales of higher margin products, manage material costs and minimize waste and spoilage.

To position your food manufacturing company for acquisition, you will want to demonstrate consistent financial performance and consistent rapid growth; measure performance against key industry benchmarks; have a skilled workforce and management structure that will continue after the sale.

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