Prepare for your Sale

Running your business doesn’t prepare you for selling it, but BizReady’s advisory services do.
Current programs include:

How to know whether and when to sell your business.

This 8-week program walks business owners through essential steps to deciding about selling their business.The program includes working with a broker to complete an opinion of value, including estimating discretionary cash flow, researching multiples, and determining a most probable selling price range of value for your business. $2,950 fee including 8 zoom meetings


  • Identify factors to consider in the deciding about selling.
  • Understand the selling process.
  • Estimate a range of value for your business.
When to sell your business

The ultimate freedom is knowing you can exit your business whenever you choose

Enhancing the value of an already good business.

This 3-week program is for owners of businesses with already solid success. They know about and have addressed any overdependencies, manage cash flow effectively and have established teams and procedures. They want to identify and implement opportunities to take their success to the next level. $950 including 3 zoom meetings.


  • Review of essential factors that make a business saleable.
  • Deeper dive into drivers of above-average business value
  • Exploration of strategic market opportunities

The wonderful truth is that a business that runs without you is worth

Where does the money go

Where does money go?

This 6-week program is for owners and executives who are responsible for profitability and growth but have a limited understanding of financial reports. $1,750 fee including 6 zoom meetings


  • Get comfortable reading financial reports so you can use them for effective management and planning.
  • Recognize what information may be missing or incorrect in financial reports. Be able to discuss reports with your accountant and advisors to get the information you need to make decisions.
  • Understand why your P&L report may be positive while cash flow may be negative. Explore ways to improve cash flow.

Custom consulting engagements available

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Customized Consulting Engagements Available.