Case Studies

“Our client owned a retail space, so his challenge was keeping this space leased to responsible, stable clients to generate a steady revenue stream. He was working with the owner of the liquor store in his space who was trying to sell his store. In this case, there were government regulations, but the big issue was the transfer of the liquor license.

Our client was savvy enough to know that this was a challenge that exceeded his expertise, so he enlisted the help of BizReady, Inc. “If it was not for your negotiating skills, the buyer’s and seller’s deal would have fallen apart, I would have been out of past due rent and ended up with a vacant space. I also appreciate your spearheading the liquor license transfer with ABC, and negotiating a lease from a legal template that accurately reflected the terms and conditions between the incoming tenant and myself.”

– Landlord of Retail Space

“I worked with Bob for three years. Besides being a business broker, he’s a very savvy business consultant who helped me get my troubled business back on track. He helped me analyze my market and identify ways to get new customers. We also reengineered some of my systems—I was spending way too much time on some tasks that he helped me streamline.

Throughout this process, his help with tough and complex issues proved to be of the highest quality and produced the best possible results for my struggling business. He worked with private and governmental entities to relocate company operations, negotiated with third parties, suppliers and leasing companies and became the mediator during partnership issues.

Once we got my company running smoothly, with his impeccable broker skills he found the perfect buyer for my company—not an easy thing to do because my business has a very narrow niche. Working with an outside resource like Bob was invaluable for me. He was able to quickly understand the operations side of my business and determine which processes were critical-mission and which should be eliminated. I highly recommend him as a business consultant and broker. I couldn’t have done this without Bob’s help.”

– Organic Food Grower