Saved Listings

Welcome to your saved listings page, where you can manage and keep track of all the Businesses for Sale you love. This page provides you with a centralized location to view and revisit the Listings that caught your attention. Whether you’re a first-time business buyer or a seasoned investor, this page is designed to make your Listing search easier and more organized.

How to Save a Listing

Saving a Listing is simple and straightforward. Whenever you come across a Listing you like, just click on the “ Save to Favorites” button on the listing summary or detail page. The Listing will be added to your saved listings page, where you can view and manage it at any time.

Manage Your Listings

Your saved listings page provides you with a comprehensive view of all the businesses you’ve saved. You can view the listing title and featured photo. Additionally, you can remove listings from your saved listings page at any time with “ Remove from Favorites” or simply “Clear your Favorites Listings”.

We hope this page makes your Listings search easier and more enjoyable. Happy Business Hunting!

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